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We are a team of dryclaners that about a decade ago individually decided that to express their business spirit in a field that had a lot to offer in the market of today. This line of thinking led us to focus on the "misinterpeted" and "old-fashioned" at the time field of drycleaning. The will to work hard and the constant search for new technologies and innovation make us the most up-to-date franchise in the filed. but we are most known as honest and friendly professionals. By communticating with each customer individually, we aim for the best possible result for them, regardless of the cost for us. We are professionals, not "businessmen": our only interest is to clean your clothes properly, and our reward is your satisfaction and smile. All these ideas on professional conduct are confirmed as common buisiness characteristics for all of us. The most important thing is "we love what we do, and will do all we need to do for it". And so, the "Stegno Plus" greek drycleaning franchise was created. Working based on knowledge and positive thinking, we quickly progressed and improved our image, the quality of our services but most importantly our relationship with our customers that give us the support to move towards a better future. We reciprocate their respect and appreciation, and ensure the best possible quality, and taking full advantage of our modern and environmentally friendly equipment together with last-genetration cleaning products. Our experienced staff are always up to date with drycleaning international conventions, and always integrate new technologies and innovation to our branches. Our aim on not only to be on top, but to always remain a high quality, long-term option!

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